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About us

Care and Rehabilitation Center - LEŚNA POLANA

Care & Rehabilitation Center „Lesna Polana” (The Forest Glade) is a residential centre that provides 24/7 healthcare services, including treatment, care and rehabilitation in patients whose diagnosis and intense conservative or surgical treatment was completed. If the patient’s health and any deficits in everyday functional capacity require pharmacological treatment to be continued, the patient should be referred to the Health Care Centre.

Our facility is located in a forest, which provides patients with peace and quiet as well as direct contact with nature on an everyday basis. High quality of the facility’s architecture and equipment ensures ideal functionality while the lack of architectural barriers encourages patient motor activity. Friendly, natural surrounding improves patients’ wellbeing and perfectly complements the therapeutic process.

Patients are provided with quality care by our specialist physicians, psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists, supported by a team of qualified nurses, health care assistants and paramedics. Close cooperation of the entire therapeutic team enables to select an individual treatment and rehabilitation programme for every patient, which promotes rapid recovery.

However, the therapeutic programme is not merely rehabilitation and specialist consultation. Aiming to raise our patients’ awareness and to activate them, we offer health-promoting education workshops as well as various cultural and recreation activities.

Qualified medical and nursing staff support the patients in the process of functional capacity improvement and help to cope with short- and long-term consequences of the past surgeries and injuries.

Our medical staff, their qualifications and efficiency make patients feel confident and safe.

We gain the trust of our patients by providing top quality medical service, complying with highly efficient procedures and continued improvement of the quality of our services.

The team of psychologists at our Health Care Centre can recognise all patient needs and expectations, find a platform for understanding and cooperation not only during the treatment but also in the social life.

We do our best to make our every patient happy with their stay and with our comprehensive range of care and therapeutic services.