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MTP Gryfice Health Care Centre provides medical treatment services to chronically ill patients, who because of their health condition, level of disability level and incapacity to function on their own at home are incapable of self-care. They still need doctor’s supervision, professional care and rehabilitation, but do not require hospitalisation in a medical unit.

Rehabilitation in chronic conditions is aimed at restoring or compensating functions lost due to a disease in order for the patient to maximally meet their needs on their own. Based on the latest specialised therapy methods, the qualified team of physiotherapists in cooperation with the patient is able to achieve the best results from kinesiotherapy, physical therapy and hydrotherapy.

Rehabilitation also includes acquisition of techniques of coping with current dysfunctions in a way that does not disturb the functioning of the entire body by everyday activities, thanks to which the patient increases their feeling of safety and is more courageous to take on challenges that require increased mobility.

Rehabilitation in chronic conditions is aimed at meeting short-term goals, so even small improvements signal that the ultimate target is within reach. This motivates the patient for further work.