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Care and Rehabilitation Center - LEŚNA POLANA

Due to the variety of organizational, legal and financial issues related to the stay in our center, please kindly read all the information below.

  1. Medical supervision over the proper course of stay is exercised by a neurologist
  2. We offer professional continuation of care and rehabilitation after stroke / traumatic brain injury – for people shortly after finishing hospital stay or staying at home, requiring supervision of a neurologist, 24-hour care of nurses and care staff, continuation of pharmacological treatment and rehabilitation.
  3. Occupational therapy aimed at brain cognitive exercises – unlimited duration of stay in the meeting room under the care of a therapist
  4. The resort is perfectly prepared for the disabled and permanently lying.
  5. We divide patients into two groups: no tracheostomy tube and tracheostomy tube.
  6. We accept patients with catheters, probes, PEG, and tracheostomy tube.
  7. The insertion / replacement of the catheter / probe / tracheostomy tube are additional services
  8. Replacement of the tracheostomy tube is performed on the site only by an anaesthesiologist
  9. The foundation of PEG is carried out only in hospital conditions, and the patient is directed by the center’s doctor.
  10. Stays below 30 days are settled according to the daily rates given in brackets below, the minimum stay in the center is 14 days.
  11. In case of deterioration of health and the necessity to apply medical procedures not available at the center, the patient is directed to the hospital. The cost of transport bears the patient.
  12. In the event of a life-threatening condition, an ambulance service is called, and the ambulance team decides what action to take.
  13. Rehabilitation begins on the second day of the patient’s stay and ends on the last day of the contract. It is carried out from Monday to Friday, with the exception of public holidays. We do not make refunds on public holidays.
  14. The prices do not include the cost of medicines, pampers and personal hygiene products.



  1. Accommodation in a double room with bathroom, rehabilitation beds with a paging system, TV and WiFi.
  2. 5 meals a day or an individual diet (diabetic, hepatic)
  3. 24-hour care
  4. Supervision of a neurologist’s specialist on the proper course of stay
  5. Internal medical service 1 x a month
  6. Individual rehabilitation – 45 min. from Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays
  7. Measurement of temperature and blood pressure

5900 PLN / stay 30 days

with the exception of patients with a tracheostomy tube, stoma, and / or extensive pressure sores

(230 PLN / day for shorter stays, minimum stay in the center is 14 days)


PLN 6,500 / stay 30 days (minimum stay 30 days)

decubitus – additional material cost according to medical recommendations – the material is delivered by the family or ordered by the staff in the pharmacy and settled on the basis of personal invoices.


 45 MIN + PLN 1,400 / agreement 30 days (PLN 85 / h shorter / billing stays daily)

ADDITIONAL PACKAGES (from Monday to Friday):  

  1. Two physical treatments according to medical recommendations
  2. 30 min manual massage of a non-perfect body part

+ PLN 1000 to the price of the basic package.


available only with the consent of the physician and physiotherapist:

  1.   individual exercises using PNF 45 min.
  2. tilting table with a gait function 30 min
  3. osteoarthritis therapy – 30 min.
  4.  two physical treatments according to medical recommendations
  5.  30 minutes. hand massage of a non-perfect side of the body.

+ PLN 2,500 to the price of the basic package.

Single room available on request and if possible. Additional fee + 50% of the basic price.

If necessary, basic diagnostic research (blood and urine) is carried out at the request of the center’s doctor, and is carried out in the laboratory of a nearby hospital and paid according to the price list of diagnostic services at the Forest Glade at the end of the settlement period. At your request, we will organize more complex diagnostic tests. Medical transport is also additionally payable.


The rate per day is calculated from the date of arrival of the patient, regardless of the time. The day of admission is the organizational day in which the Patient undergoes 24/7 care of the staff, receives accommodation, meals, as well as a plan of his stay and rehabilitation, which begins on the second day of stay, and ends in the last. The patient leaves the center after completing the rehabilitation at any time. The doctor of „Forest Glade” acquaints with the Patient within 24 hours from the day of arrival.

Implementation of diets in the center, for example only vegetarian or other due to beliefs, preferences or habits, taking your own supplements, mixtures etc … is possible only in agreement and with the consent of the center doctor, and their dosage is done by nursing staff. Independent use of any drugs or supplements, not included in medical orders, is prohibited.