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The stationary systemic rehabilitation we offer is addressed to patients awaiting comprehensive improvement, therapeutic, prophylactic, diagnostic and educational actions. We offer great weekly stays, which provide:

  • medical consultation
  • specialist rehabilitationconsultattion
  • implementation of the procedures established by individual treatment plans
  • functional tests
  • complementary drug treatment
  • final medical tests and physiotherapy
  • determination of the medical and the educational program at the end of the stay

Our rehabilitation team consists of: medical specialists: an internist, an oncologist, a neurologist, an orthopaedist, a rehabilitation specialist, physiotherapists, an occupational therapy specialist  and nursing staff. Treatments are performed in air-conditioned gyms and treatment rooms equipped with the latest technology, thus providing the maximum comfort and safety of the procedures.

Patient are accommodated in comfortable single and double rooms, equipped with rehabilitation beds, a paging system, TV, free internet access and are covered by round-the-clock nursing care. The building has no architectural barriers and is fully accessible for people with disabilities.

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